minecraft missions -sean favorite color(2) brokendish type

All these missions are from http://minecraftkidsquests.blogspot.co.nz/ which is a super cool site!


Roller Coaster (http://minecraftkidsquests.blogspot.co.nz/)

This challenge is all about building roller coasters that you can ride on using mine carts. You will have to use red stone to power the carts on some slopes. How many powered rails do you need to get up different slopes? Share how you design and build these powered sections, along with screenshots of your roller coaster.


Three Bears Home Design (http://minecraftkidsquests.blogspot.co.nz/)

Build a house like the house in Goldilocks and the Three Bears

How will you show the different sizes in the kitchen and bedroom?



Your challenge is to survive 3 nights in Minecraft Survival:

  • without sleeping
  • by staying outside

THEN… share your experience .

  • Did you make it?
  • What was your worst moment?
  • What was you best experience?

Secret Base

Steve needs a secret base with hidden rooms to plan his zombie attack!
Build a secret base, with hidden rooms, secret doors and traps.

Tips and tricks for building a secret base

– If you break the block behind a painting, it will stay in place and you will be able to walk right through it.
– hide a door button on carved stone
– use a water elevator

Build a maze for your friends to solve.

You can build in any material.

Traps and monsters can add to the fun.

Why be square?  Build a maze in any shape.


Design and build your ideal school playground in Minecraft.
Do some research, take notes of the designs that inspire you.
Use signposts to label the different activities and areas.
Write a short comment on why you think your playground is ideal



Build something that you love in Minecraft.  The one rule is it must be monochrome.

Once you understand what monochrome means, get creative.

Shades of wool and clay

give you tools to play.

What does ‘mono’ mean? Can you think of other words that use ‘mono’?

Find out what monochrome means.
This is what monochrome looks like in Google Images.
Use monochrome in a conversation with family and friends.