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Reap What You Sow

As a Minecraft crop farmer, you’re getting tired of beets, potatoes, and carrots. If you could sow three brand-new crops, what would you choose to grow? Explain what you will have to do to harvest your new crops.

Taken from http://writeshop.com/minecraft-writing-prompts/


Dear Diary

A website is sponsoring a Minecraft writing contest and awarding a prize of 2000 gold nuggets to the winner.

  1. Write a diary or journal entry describing your most exciting Minecraft adventure.
  2. Record your entry using Minecraft’s Book and Quill.
  3. You may include up to three entries in your diary.


Create a Minecraft Treasure hunt

Using Minecraft’s Book and Quill create a treasure hunt. Record clues in books and signs throughout your world.


WORD Builder

This week challenge is to build giant words.

Try show the words meaning by using colours and materials to help explain the idea.

Here are some ideas:

Common Nouns: lawn, water, cow, lava

Feelings: happy, sad, excited, angry