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  1. Why do we wear pink on pink shirt day?
  2. What are the 3 R’s to reduce bullying?
  3. What can you do to prevent bullying?


  • Work on Anti-bullying word search
  • Work on Ant-bullying worksheet



This mission must be completed in SURVIVAL MODE only. The items from the list will aid you in your crafting adventure.

Tip: Prepare for the mission by collecting the required items needed before mining.

  1. Collect 15 emeralds
  2. Collect 3 sticks
  3. Collect 2 strings
  4. Collect 5 clown fishes
  5. Collect 10 poppies
  6. Collect 15 bones
  7. Collect 32 gold nuggets
  8. Collect 4 apples
  9. Craft a fishing rod
  10. Craft 5 red rose dye
  11. Craft 5 pink dye
  12. Craft 15 bone meal
  13. Craft 4 golden apples


Using a nametag rename a creature as “Pink Shirt” and take a screenshot

 *Hint: To collect bones you must defeat a skeleton during the night