Read this all about Christmas Around The World to answer the questions below.

  1. What is Australia’s Christmas tradition?
  2. What is Iceland’s Christmas tradition?
  3. Which country decorates the mango trees?
  4. Why is Germany’s tradition Santa’s Spooky Helper?
  5. Why does Brazil put present in shoes?
  6. What is your Christmas tradition with your family?

BONUS: Which season does Australia celebrate Christmas in?




minecraft missions jacks favorite color(3) sideish bloxish typePlay in SURVIVAL MODE except #6.

  1. Build a 20×30 house all out of wood and wooden planks
  2. Make an underground tree farm
  3. Fill one small chest with 64 stacks of stone bricks
  4. Fill one small chest with 64 stacks of coal
  5. Have 10 dogs and 10 cats at the same time
  6. Create a pixel art of your choice, example: present, smiley face, diamond
    You can use your imagination or an image as reference!